Our Fellowship

All journeys have friends you meet along the way. This is the space to meet those who not only support us and our platform but whom we also support and admire! 

Check out their work and support them the best way you can! 

NerdCraft is specialised in handmade items related to Cult Cinema and T.V.! 

A little crochet corner that also makes Geeky themed items.

A self taught artist who specialises in creating personal characters for customers. His art style rangers from Anime to Manga, comics, fantasy and a touch of goth. 

Nuno is a Portuguese photographer who’s very well known in the Cosplay community. Check his Instagram page to find out more about his work!

This company was formed to create content with representation in mind. This soon expanded to training and events to highlight underrepresented areas in the industry based on our CEO’s knowledge of working in TV & film. They passionately believe that no part of the industry should be unobtainable by those from marginalized groups in society.